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Maurice Bouri Takes a Look Into Current Trends in Manufacturing

As the founder of Seament, Maurice Bouri has had to stay at the front of both manufacturing and distribution trends for decades. Having helped revolutionize the way cement is delivered in developing nations and around the world, Maurice Bouri understands that even small innovations in manufacturing technology can advance entire industries—and substantially alter the bottom line.

Today is an exciting time in the world of manufacturing, as technology increasingly changes processes both in the plant and from manufacturer to consumer. Here are Maurice Bouri’s observations on some of the most exciting trends in manufacturing today:maurice-bouri

High tech boosts to operational efficiency
As a manufacturer, the cost of producing a unit is key to your success, regardless of the type of industry you’re in. While some costs are fixed or reflect the market, a major source of overhead is the manufacturing process itself—in which greater efficiency translates directly to higher profitability. This can be through a higher production rate, a lower cost per unit, or both. More manufacturers are experimenting with technology on the plant floor to help streamline operational processes and improve efficiency. This can consist of any of dozens of types of innovations, from more automated processes to new tools for workers to digitizing oversight to ensure efficiency at each step of the process. The experimentation with diverse forms of next-gen operational technology is the mark of the current revolution in industry.

Higher capacity through better shipping

In a time of unprecedented global development, the problem many manufacturers face is not a lack of demand, but the struggle to meet an overwhelming demand. This is known as “capacity crunch.” One source of capacity crunch comes from inefficient shipping and distribution. Recently, manufacturers have used new technology to match production centers with available freight shopping to keep the flow of products out to buyers uninterrupted.

Logistics optimization
From tracking inventory digitally to plotting the best footpaths through a busy shipping warehouse, logistics has never been such an important part of a company’s bottom line—nor has it ever benefitted from so much technological partnership before.

Worker safety and accountability
Technology and digitalization also help manufacturers ensure that workers are properly trained and follow safety protocols, with improved monitoring and tracking safety training. This means fewer accidents, a better work environment, and less cost.

These are just a few of the major trends we’re seeing in manufacturing right now. As you can see, all of them are driven by changes in the technology available to manufacturers and the way it is applied to industrial and B2B practices.