4 Traits Every Young Entrepreneur Needs to Succeed

Today’s young entrepreneurs face an even faster paced business world than their predecessors, and often, one without borders. So what does it take for a young businessperson to achieve success? Maurice Bouri has learned a lot about what it takes to lead and to succeed, as he helped steer Seament from a small family business to a multi-national contender. Here are four traits that he says you can’t do without:

  • You have a vision – No matter what sort of business you’re pursuing, and whether it’s your first endeavor or your fifteenth, you need to have a vision. Yes, all business is driven by the quest for profit, but to succeed you need something more than that. You need something you can share with others that will make your enthusiasm contagious. And most of all, you need an idea that truly makes people’s lives better. This idea is your vision.
  • You refuse to give up – Even with the greatest vision in the world, there will be setbacks and there will be times when you’re sure you’re going to fail. The business leaders who end up succeeding don’t do so because they never had these moments, nor because their ideas were beyond criticism. They end up succeeding because they refuse to give up during the darkest times. Learn to embrace failures as learning experiences and move on.
  • You constantly educate yourself – Knowledge is an entrepreneur’s greatest weapon, and there will never come a time when you can stop educating yourself. This takes many forms, and it rarely means formal education: you can learn from the employees you hire, from partners and funders, from blogs and magazines, and from hands-on experience. But everything you do and everyone you meet should be, on some level, a learning opportunity.
  • You take time to make friends wherever you are – Many an entrepreneur has found themselves on the verge of collapse and only made their business succeed because of some well-timed help from a friend. No matter what country you’re in or what your industry is, constantly meet and help those around you. Not only will they one day do the same for you, you’ll also make some of the best friends of your life.

Of course, succeeding in business takes a lot more than just these four things, but they are touchstones that will help you over and over, as Maurice Bouri has learned firsthand. What other traits are indispensable for success?


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