3 Ways that Being an Entrepreneur Helps You Outside of Work

Maurice Bouri has been an entrepreneur all his life. He knows it’s a path of uncertainty and risk, but also of reward. Some of the rewards go far beyond the business world. Here are three key entrepreneurial traits that are valuable both in and out of the office.

1.  You learn to listen to other people – This is one skill that almost all of us could probably benefit from using more often, but if you’re an entrepreneur, you already have a leg up. The reality is that being an entrepreneur means you’re always trying to learn from other people’s expertise, knowledge, and perspective. This is the only way to get the intellectual resources you need to create a new product, fill a need or find a way to do something better than other companies. It also involves being wrong sometimes. Most people are terrified of being wrong and, even worse, of having their wrongness pointed out in front of others. But if you’ve had success creating businesses, you’ve probably long since come to terms with the fact that sometimes it’s good to be wrong. In business, growth often comes from those moments when someone expands your perspective or shows you that the way you were going after something won’t work. In your personal life, the same applies. Everyone likes a good listener and it’s when you’re willing to truly listen to other perspectives that you finally start to connect with people and grow as a person yourself. Plus, you’ll learn more. It’s a win-win.

2.  You know how to make decisions reactively – Entrepreneurs can sometimes be risk junkies. We forsake the usual clock-in, clock-out workday to create our own path in business and in life. But that also means we can seldom predict all of the challenges we’re going to face as we launch a business—and that means learning to make decisions on the fly and make them well. This “reactive” decision making is also key to success in many other areas of life. Think of how many unexpected surprises we all face every week, or every month—and how they can easily ruin a person’s day. If you’re ready to react in the moment and change course, you’re going to be a lot happier in life.

3.  You know there’s always another way – Perhaps the biggest truth in life and in business is that things don’t always work out. But entrepreneurs know that there’s often a second chance, a back door, a loophole or just a better approach that can completely change things. We tend not to give up, and that means we tend to get what we want (eventually).

How else does being an entrepreneur help you outside of work?


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