4 Sure-Fire Ways to Get Repeat Customers

Maurice Bouri knows that the key to a strong business is happy customers who come back over and over. As the son of Seament founder Alex Bouri, and with a key role in the cement company and, indeed, in the industry, Maurice understands better than anyone the importance of customer satisfaction. Here are four of Maurice’s tips to help get more repeat customers for your business.

1.  Have a loyalty program

There’s nothing that people love more than getting freebies, and a loyalty program is a great way to do that. Not every type of customer will want to take advantage of this, but that’s okay. There’s a good chunk of consumers who understand the value of a reward program, whether it’s in the form of points, discounts or specific free items. According to Maurice Bouri, the best kind of reward program has the least barriers to entry—for example, a “punch card” where 10 purchases gets a reward (a free coffee, $10 off, etc.) is easier for people to dive into than a membership card with a lengthy application form. On the other hand, signing up loyalty program members is a good way to get data on your customers, so it can be worth it; just keep the signup form short and sweet.

2.  Seek out feedback

Not all businesses have the resources to run large-scale surveys of their customers, but every business will benefit from getting direct feedback. There are several easy ways to get it. One is to simply have a suggestion box and an easy-to-use form; no outside research company needed. Another is to be actively involved in review sites like Yelp and see what people are saying about you. And still another is to make sure customer service staff members are asking direct questions about customer satisfaction. But with all of these methods, remember: feedback only turns into more repeat customers when you put it to use and act on insights.

3.  Trust your staff

Feedback doesn’t just come from customers. If you have well-chosen, well-trained staff they will have firsthand observations on what customers want. That means there is valuable business intel in the minds of your sales reps, floor staff or customer service staff. Ask them what they think will improve the customer experience and bring more people back a second, third or twentieth time.

4.  Throw a contest

Similar to a reward program, contests get people excited and bring people through your doors. A contest should have a variety of big and small prizes, and it should be obvious to customers that more purchases mean more chances to win. That translates into happy repeat customers.

What else do you do to get repeat business?


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