4 Habits of a Successful Business in the Construction Industry

In his work helping to lead Seament, Maurice Bouri has seen both the highs and the lows of business in the construction industry. Over time, he noticed that there were certain traits that always seemed to correspond to successful companies. Here are his picks for the four habits of success for any company in construction:

1.  Only produce the highest quality materials – There’s no substitute for quality, especially in construction. That doesn’t mean you have to produce only luxury materials—there is definitely a market for budget building materials. But the point is to go above and beyond the usual standards for quality in whatever your price bracket is. If your product is economy doors and windows, be the brand that doesn’t break down in just a year or two. If your product is luxury bathroom installations, be the brand that convinces the end customer that the extra money was worth it.

2.  Treat the deadline as a bible – The entire construction industry has a bad reputation for missing deadlines and that reputation is unfortunately somewhat well earned. However, you do not have to be part of that bad habit of running behind schedule. Your goal should be to never be the company that puts a client behind; get everything completed ahead of the promised deadline, no exceptions.

3.  Make pricing crystal clear – The construction industry often runs on estimates rather than hard prices. The problem is that there’s usually an information disparity between one party and another. For example, you might know that your bid only includes a certain number of electrical outlets per room but the client may not realize adding more outlets is a big extra cost. When you take the time to explain what is and is not included, you stand out as one of the “good guys” who is looking out for the client.

4.  Easy to get ahold of – Nothing is worse than having an urgent development on a high-pressure project and not being able to get a hold of a key supplier. When you make yourself easy to get in touch with, and make a point of rapidly replying to all e-mails and phone messages, you earn the client’s gratitude.

These are just a few of the ways to go above and beyond other companies in your industry, but each of these steps will help you distinguish yourself and become more successful than your competitors.


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